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The best of both worlds

To qualify for your real estate license, you need to take a couple of pre-licensing courses first. In Alberta, “a couple” means exactly two: a fundamentals course, and a practical course.

We’re a pretty big fan of this framework, because you’ll learn both the theory and legal-ese along with the real-life, practical applications. And we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you the best of both.

Click through the courses listed below to explore them in more detail, or to enrol!

  • Get licensed easily with clearly explained concepts and helpful instruction.
  • Save on costs with our economical course bundles.
  • Get support, business tips and more through the one-of-a-kind REcosystem.

What to Expect

At Relo, we’re all about value. That’s why we’ve added a smorgasbord of extras to each course we offer. Every single course includes full access to our REcosystem resources and tools, including:

  1. In-depth webinars on topics like drafting contracts, comparative market analysis, and much more
  2. Free access to our exam prep resources, including hundreds of practice questions with more added each week
  3. Weekly career tips and business ideas
  4. Gated content including blogs and podcast episodes not available to the general public
  5. Ongoing support from our learner success team



Alberta Residential Real Estate Bundle

Save on course fees by choosing the Real Estate Course bundle. In our most popular and convenient course offering, we offer the fundamentals and practice of residential real estate courses together at a discounted price. This package includes both co-requisite courses as well as our exam prep materials.

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  1. Fundamentals of real estate course

    The Fundamentals of Real Estate course is the first step on your way to obtaining your Real Estate License in Alberta. No matter which type of license you hope to obtain (i.e. Residential, Commercial, Rural, or Property Management), this course is a mandatory pre-requisite.

  2. Practice of residential real estate course

    The Practice of Residential Real Estate course is the next step to get you on your way to obtaining your residential Real Estate License in Alberta.

    This course is for you if you’ve already taken and completed the Fundamentals of Real Estate course. The Fundamentals of Real Estate course is a pre-requisite to this course.

  3. Exam prep

    Get access to stellar resources that will be the secret sauce in helping you pass your licensing exam with confidence and ease.

Coming Soon:

Practice of Commercial Real Estate Course (Alberta)

Practice of Property Management Real Estate Course (Alberta)

Practice of Rural Real Estate Course (Alberta)

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Our approach

Relo may be the new kid on the block, but luckily, we have great parents. We Know Training is both our parent company and our e-learning platform provider, and they’ve got the best in the business when it comes to instructional design and training technology for regulated industries. With decades of experience and over 10 million successful learners on their platform, We Know Training is the expert of choice for hosting engaging online learning.

With that fancy pedigree, we like to take a forward-thinking approach to online learning. Our courses are grounded in neuroscience and designed by experts in adult learning. We’ve designed the whole experience to be easy to navigate, clear and engaging, and easily retained. We think online learning should enhance your experience, not put you to sleep. Wouldn’t you agree?

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