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LICENSEDto sell.

Getting your
real estate license

In Alberta, getting your real estate license is a pretty simple process, but there are still a few steps to keep straight. Licenses are administered by RECA, the provincial real estate council – and like most good councils, they have some important rules. You’ll need to meet basic eligibility requirements, like being allowed to work in Canada. Then, you’ll need to take some great pre-licensing education courses (like ours). Below, we’ve made you a cheat sheet of the steps to get your shiny, new license. You’ll be there before you know it!

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Steps to get licensed

  1. Proof of identity, including age
  2. Create a myRECA account
  3. Enroll in your pre-licensing courses
  4. Complete your courses and pass your exams
  5. Provide a certified criminal record check
  6. Get employed by a brokerage
  7. Complete a licensing application
For more info about these steps, please visit RECA’s licensing page.

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