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10 tips for marketing your real estate business

  • By Relo | September 21, 2022

You already know that marketing is a key competency for building a thriving real estate business – but how do you do it successfully? For many of us, the idea of “selling yourself” is a somewhat new and uncomfortable concept. Marketing might be a completely new skill set, and maybe…

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Top study tips for passing your real estate exams

  • By Relo | August 18, 2022

If it’s been a while since you’ve had to sit down and write an exam, the prospect of writing your real estate exams may feel pretty intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! Even if you haven’t been a student in a while, or you’re feeling some test anxiety, we’re…

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How to get the most from your pre-licensing course

  • By Relo | August 4, 2022

So you’ve decided to become a real estate professional – congratulations! This is the first step towards a rewarding new career that will provide you with more freedom, more flexibility, and hopefully more fun. Now comes the wonderful but challenging next step: completing your pre-licensing courses.  At Relo, we see a…

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Making a career change

Tips for making a career change into real estate

  • By Relo | July 14, 2022

Making a career change is something you may think wistfully about during those tough Monday mornings or after a long week at work. If so, you’re in good company: about 52 per cent of workers are actively considering making a career change.  Gone are the days when choosing one career,…

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Beyond the basics: building a thriving real estate business

  • By Relo | June 3, 2022

Starting a career in real estate during a strong market is an exciting prospect, but it’s no guarantee of success. No matter how hot your local market is, real estate is still a challenging business that takes skill and persistence. You’ll need to set yourself apart from the competition and…

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5 competencies to win at real estate

  • By Relo | June 2, 2022

Building a thriving business as a real estate professional isn’t just about memorizing course material and passing the exam. A good real estate course will teach you competencies, not just rote facts. And those competencies will be the foundation of your success. So what is a competency, exactly? Simply put,…

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