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Welcome to the Hello Relo podcast, your direct line to hot topics and hot takes from the industry’s brightest thought leaders.

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Kaitlyn Gottlieb’s first buying experience seemed perfect at first, but ended in disappointment. That pivotal experience drove her motivation to advocate for her clients. In this episode, Kaitlyn and Sue talk all about teams, mentorship, how to start strong and then, hopefully, finish well. They also discuss how a marriage between…

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In this episode, we talk about some key tips when it comes to growing a business from nothing! One of the elements – gift giving – not only became a way to connect with people, it also became a stellar full time gift giving business for well-known and well-loved entrepreneur…

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Meet your host

Sue Styles

As the owner of her own consulting firm, Sue Styles has been as a business trainer in the real estate industry for nearly two decades. She is an expert at high level systems, organic lead generation, and best practices – and her insights often expose what is being missed in an entrepreneur’s business.

Sue is a certified business coach with the Certified Coaches Federation and has been an instructor with the local real estate board as well as the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT’s School of Business and Leadership).

She is a well-known industry thought leader; she has been interviewed for FORBES Magazine on the subject of “time management,” has her own podcast called “Mind Your Own Business,” has been a guest speaker at many brokerages across Canada and the United States, and is the author of two business books.

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