Tips for making a career change into real estate

Making a career change is something you may think wistfully about during those tough Monday mornings or after a long week at work. If so, you’re in good company: about 52 per cent of workers are actively considering making a career change. 

Gone are the days when choosing one career, or even one job, and sticking through from graduation to retirement was the norm. These days, many people have two, three or more completely different careers throughout their working lives. And changing things up doesn’t need to happen early in the game. The average age for a career change is actually 39 – so mid-career, when many people are beginning to feel bored or stagnated in their current trajectory.

Making a career shift can seem intimidating, especially when you’ve been in the same field for a while. But with these tips, making the switch can be smooth and rewarding. 

  1. Do your homework. Research what it’s like working as a real estate agent, what competencies you will need, the courses and process to get your license, and the job and salary outlook. (Here’s some info to get you started.)
  2. Find a mentor your new field. Find a successful real estate pro (or better yet, an entire network of them), and pick their brain about the day to day experience of working in the field, and how they got started. Many of them have likely already navigated the career change process.
  3. Plan the practicalities. It’s always best to go into a big career move with a detailed plan about what you will need. Go through your finances, your daily schedule and time commitments, your habits and your routines, and prepare them to accommodate this transitional period. For instance, you may want to build up a few months of savings, or carve out extra time in the evenings to work toward your license.
  4. Do something every day to work toward your goal. Changing careers doesn’t need to be a dramatic move, where you flip the table on your old life and start from ground zero. Set yourself up for a smooth, low-stress transition by taking incremental steps toward your new career each day. 
  5. Take a course. Ready to take the plunge? You don’t need to quit your current job right away. Sign up for an online course, and you can balance your education and job at the same time. Courses like Relo’s make it easy to learn your way – any time, any place, at any pace. 

Ready to get started? Check out our courses today!

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